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The School Chef - This Is Me

I am a real deal, full time Head Chef at a primary school

I am a real deal, full time Head Chef at a Primary School
EDUCatering Self Managed Caterer of the Year
LACA National Award of Excellence for In House Catering Operation
Finishing Touches Salon Gold Award Winner

I am also a husband, a father and a grandfather, as well as the singer in a band called The Leylines.

I love, love, love cooking for children. Not only cooking for them, but inspiring them, teaching them and igniting their passion for food and new flavours. I have great fun teaching the children how to cook and what it means to eat healthy.

LACA Primary School Employee of the Year 2017
LACA South West School Chef of the Year 2017

The LACA Primary School Employee of the Year award is given for recognition of going above and beyond the job title given to me to improve the eating and activities within my school workplace. I do this by presenting cooking lessons to the children once a week.

The team I head up at the school I work at also received a national award of excellence for in-house/self-managed catering operation from LACA.

I hold a yearly school “Bake Off” competition and I give lessons to the children during healthy eating week to inspire them to eat better, exercise more, drink plenty and try new foods.

I also engage with parents on a regular basis to advise on healthy eating and encouraging children to eat a well-balanced diet.

So why am I writing a book called
“Family Cooking with The School Chef”?

Well, it really is all about family… it’s about bringing families that little bit closer by helping them to cook great food in the kitchen – together!

My sincere hope is that for at least 30 minutes a week mums, dads, grandparents, aunties, uncles, foster parents or any other kind of carer will spend some quality time with the children creating wonderful memories of having fun whilst cooking food.

You don’t have to be a top chef to cook lovely, healthy (and sometimes naughty) nutritious, flavoursome and colourful food…it’s about creating fun and sharing.

Creating family values and inspiring children to adopt good eating habits for their future. I have written my recipes in a really easy way to follow, and I have filmed lots of videos to help you along the way.

So there you have it. Take a look around the website, watch some of the free videos. If you like what you see, get your book, open the videos and start family cooking with the school chef.

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