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Free Recipes From The School Chef 

The overall ethos of “Family Cooking with The School Chef” is based on my strong desire to bring families together to prepare and cook food and spend some quality time together.

It seems we all find it difficult to find time to spend with our children, due to work commitments, commuting time and many other factors. This website and book provides the perfect opportunity for families to find that time when preparing food at home.

It has become apparent to me when giving cookery lessons to key stage two children (ages 7-11) as an aside from my job role as Head Chef; children absolutely love to cook, and of course eat! I would love to see parents to take a little time to teach, or help their children to learn how to prepare and cook food and give them a good start in life regarding food and eating habits. I would like them to teach their children about provenance of food, eating healthy and balanced diets, but in a fun and constructive way. I still find it difficult to understand why cookery and home economics is no longer a major part of the school’s curriculum… it is a basic need for survival after all!

My recipes from “Family Cooking with The School Chef” are based on three things… my school dinner memories from when I was at younger, recipes that I cook for the children at my school today and some of my favourite dishes that you might not find on a school menu. However, there are recipes that cover all tastes, diets and budgets… and all can be lots of fun to prepare and cook. Below you will find a few recipes from the book for you for free. Try them together with your family and experience the ethos of family cooking, and if you enjoy it, get the book now and cook lot’s more. Enjoy.

Download the recipes below for free. Coming soon, you’ll be able to subscribe for access to lots of great School Chef content including lots more recipes, videos, a monthly newsletter and other exclusive members-only content.

Gooey Mac-n-Cheese

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Spanish Chick-chick-chicken!

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Sharing chilli con carne

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Chef Steve’s perfect roast potatoes

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